Indoor Cricket Centres are highly flexible facilities that can be used for a huge variety of sports and activities but sometimes cricket performance and surface longevity are overlooked in pursuit of a short-term fix.

Our ECB approved Indoor Cricket System has been designed following months of research within our R & D department to offer an increasing solution to two main issues when providing a specific, permanent indoor cricket area.

To protect the player from limb jarring and design a more realistic cricket performance if the building has a concrete base.

All year-round use – artificial cricket turf, historically used outdoors, was not designed for such intensive usage, so wear expedites, and resurfacing works are needed too frequently meaning cost per year value is poor with no respite from fundraising.

Notts Sport’s NG Ultra Indoor System was tailored to counteract the above problems.

With reference to performance the key element is the inclusion of a high-density shock pad which absorbs energy upon ball pitch to offer a more realistic bounce and response to spin and seam bowling. Without this specialised performance layer - a high, fast, loopy bounce, with little or no response for the bowler, not to mention a lack of underfoot comfort, is commonplace.

The top carpet lifespan enhancement was addressed by using state of the art monofilament yarn technology, bringing non-turf cricket surfacing into the 21st century. Such fibres, coupled with the high-density specification, is substantially more durable to long term wear and tear compared to that of old-style cricket surfaces.

Inbuilt Coaching Aid Line availability adds to the coaching armoury and a range of colours further allows a client to personalise.