ChildsPlay Safe Playground Surfacing

ChildsPlay is a cost-effective safer surfacing system that can be used for playground refurbishment or to create a brand new play area.

The versatile Childsplay surfacing system can be installed over existing concrete, asphalt, grass or bare ground, on flat surfaces or over irregular mounds or slopes. Suited to a range of environments and offering critical fall height protection of up to 3.0 metres, ChildsPlay is the perfect playground surfacing for a ‘freeplay’ landscape or under climbing frames, swings and other play equipment.

Plus, ChildsPlay’s vibrant and colourful artificial turf surface is slip-resistant and eliminates mud and puddles, meaning children stay safer and cleaner.

Why choose ChildsPlay? Choose ChildsPlay for your playground refurbishment or new facility and, unlike grass or traditional safety surfacing, you’ll benefit from plenty of scope for creativity.

The ChildsPlay system is topped by a durable VHAF NottsSward artificial turf carpet, available in a range of 15 colours. This offers unlimited potential for marking out vibrant patterns and games to inspire children’s imaginations. And because ChildsPlay is so flexible, mounds, slopes and ramps can be incorporated into your playground surfacing.

Notts Sport offers expert advice on creating a children’s playground using our ready-made patterns and innovative designs – or you can see your own ideas brought to life!


ChildsPlay Ochre SurfacingChildsPlay Chestnut SurfacingChildsPlay Terracotta SurfacingChildsPlay Burgundy SurfacingChildsPlay Lavender SurfacingChildsPlay Tillet Red SurfacingChildsPlay Sunset Orange SurfacingChildsPlay Vivid Yellow SurfacingChildsPlay Olive Green SurfacingChildsPlay Grass Green SurfacingChildsPlay Marine Green SurfacingChildsPlay Navy Blue SurfacingChildsPlay Fjord Blue SurfacingChildsPlay Platinum Grey SurfacingChildsPlay Black Surfacing

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